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The Secret of Monkey Island

The Three Trials


The Journey


Under Monkey Island


Guybrush Kicks Butt


Monkey Island 2:LeChuck's Revenge

The Largo Embargo


Four Map Pieces


LeChuck's Fortress


Dinky Island


The Secret of Monkey Island 3:The Curse of Monkey Island

The Demise of the Zombie Pirate Lechuck


The curse gets worse


Three sheets to the wind


The Bartender, the thieves, his aunt, and her lover


Kiss of the Spider Monkey


Guybrush kicks butt again


Monkey Island 4:Escape From Monkey Island:Coming Soon


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Legend Of Monkey Island

The World of Monkey Island

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Skull Island


The A-Mfggh-C's of Monkey Island


Escape From Monkey Island

Monkey Island Spectacular


Monkey Island Voodoo House


Escape From Monkey Island:The clearly Unofficial Site


Kewlman's Monkey Island Web Page






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The Curse Of Monkey Island Hint Guide

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Monkey Island Web Ring

Clan of the 3-headed monkey

MixnMojo's Flash Film Promotion of the new site currently in the works(worth seeing, believe me]




This is an unofficial web site devoted to the Secret of Monkey Island Series.  Here you will be able to e-mail me for hints or get a complete walkthrough of Monkey Island 1,2,or 3.  If you like, please click on one of the links above to start your sea voyage into the machismo of the 16th century. Duels, swordfights to the death, and as always; a damsel in distress.   Ride the waves with a crew of the undead as you help Guybrush Threepwood defeat the ever-fearful, everlasting Ghost Pirate LeChuck.

Company Store Exclusive! Order Escape From Monkey Island™ today to receive a signature edition game box and a collectible magnet featuring your favorite cast of piratey characters. All for just $39.95 including shipping and handling*.

A scurvy-inducing new chapter in the legendary Monkey Island™ adventure series unfolds in rollicking 3D with Escape from Monkey Island™. Here we find Guybrush and his new bride, Governor Elaine Marley-Threepwood, returning to Melee Island™ from their honeymoon. They quickly discover Elaine has been declared dead, the Governor's mansion is scheduled for demolition, and the slick, yet hauntingly familiar politician, Charles L. Charles, is gunning for her job.

Full of drama, intrigue and of course, side-splitting humor, Escape from Monkey Island is highlighted by hundreds of challenging puzzles, set amidst dozens of rich and brilliantly rendered backgrounds.

Buccaneers, hoist the yardarms, batten down the hatches, and let the insults fly--Escape From Monkey Island is now available!

System Requirements       

Guybrush has made LeChuck walk the plank            times since this web site reopened.  Let's do it again and again in the hopes of ridding ourselves of his evil once and for all.  But I'll need your help.  Please tell all your friends to come to this site to get up to date information, pics, music, and downloads from all the Monkey Island games.  Thanks again for your support!          


04/19/2001-High Adventure for PlayStation 2!!
Sailing boldly into uncharted territory, perennial pirate wanna-be Guybrush Threepwood sets course for PlayStation 2 this Spring. Loaded with lusciously rendered backgrounds and more monkeys than you can shake a voodoo doll at, the latest title in the popular Monkey Island PC series promises to deliver grog-swilling merriment to the console masses! Check out the new PlayStation 2 screenshots in the Gallery.

03/20/2001-Hi gang! Sorry I haven' t been around much, but I had some personal business going on with my family that simply had precedence over this site and CyberStar 2K Technologies.  I am pleased to return for all your Monkey Island gaming pleasures.  I know I am very late with the Escape from Monkey Island section of this site, but it is definitely in the works and I promise it will be posted very soon.  

02/04/2001-Escape from Monkey Island to be released for Macintosh!  Also, please watch this spot for information on the enhancements I will be making to this site.  I have been on vacation, but I just couldn't stay away!:-)

11/24/2000-FIrst Impressions of Escape from Monkey Island courtesy of the International House of Mojo and the Mix n mojo review.  Click here for an informative insight to LucasArt most recent release in the Monkey Island Series...

1.1 Update Now Available
An update for Escape from Monkey Island (Domestic Version) is now available for download in our Technical Support section

11/7/2000-Monkey Island 4: Escape from Monkey Island is released from LucasArts!  I received my shipment from the company store late last night.  Stay tuned for a review...

LucasArts is proud to announce the grand prize winner of the Escape from Monkey Island "Create-A-Skin" Contest. Conga roll please...and the winner is...Andrew Langley! Congratulations Andrew, our judges were very impressed with your efforts. If you want to enjoy this work of programming-art for yourself, it's available now in the Downloads section! Industrial size thanks to everyone who sent in entries and participated in our contest.

11/5/2000-Monkey Receives "Gold Award of Excellence" from Games Domain
It's their review, so we'll just let them do the talking. "Avast! Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for that discriminating pirate "wannabe" on your list? Or how about the monkey who has everything? Well look no further, Matey! LucasArts has solved your Christmas shopping dilemma with a timely November release of their new swashbuckling adventure, Escape from Monkey Island

10/27/2000-Escape from Monkey Island™ Goes Gold!
Gold, it's every pirate's dream! With great fanfare and the distant sound of squealing monkeys, the development team for Escape from Monkey Island (PC WIN) steered this highly anticipated title into the harbor. 

Expected in stores the week of November 6th (U.S. and Canada), Escape from Monkey Island is a swashbuckling adventure loaded with side-splitting humor and more monkeys than the three previous Monkey games combined! And now, Stan invites you to visit The LucasArts Company Store. (Exclusive offer: Signature edition game box and collectible magnet)

10/24/2000-Want to win a FREE copy of Escape from Monkey Island?
Ten lucky winners will have a chance to win a FREE copy of the game after it ships. You can qualify by filling out a brief survey after you complete the demo. Click here for more info.

10/18/2000-Monkey Island Millennium Fan Site reopens with a new look! I have been working these past few weeks to revamp the site in order to supply as much info on the Monkey Island series as possible.  I also have plans to devote a huge section on the upcoming Escape from Monkey Island game that is due in November. I also have plans to supply a music section of all the music from all the Monkey Island games as well as a screen shot gallery.  

10/13/2000-Escape from Monkey Island screenshots at GameSpy!

10/6/2000-Escape from Monkey Island Demo arrives! You can download it here

10/4/2000-Monkey Island 4 demo to be released from Lucasarts on October 6th!

10/2/2000-Chat with EMI project leaders to commence at International House of Mojo!

Live and somewhat censored, join International House of Mojo for a sharp-witted hour of Monkey chatter with Escape from Monkey Island project leaders Michael Stemmle and Sean Clark. This scheduled spontaneity will take place on Tuesday, October 17th from 6-7pm PST. The chat room will open around 5:30pm so you can hang out with other Monkey Island fans and send in some questions before the event begins. Tell a friend or two. Better yet, post it in your favorite message forum with a few smiley faces.


9/30/2000-New Monkey Island Box cover art makes debut at Lucasarts. Click the link on the right to see the detailed close up of the box.


Escape from Monkey Island



Escape From Monkey Island Movie 2
More gameplay action from Escape From Monkey Island.
[UPDATED: 09/11/00]

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Escape From Monkey Island Movie 1
Take a look at some scenes from the latest in the Monkey Island series.
[UPDATED: 09/11/00]

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Whether you are a seasoned pirate or someone new to the Monkey Island™ series, The LucasArts Company Store has a deal for you!

In anticipation of the next chapter in the Monkey Island series, we are offering a special bundle of the first three Monkey Island games. 

Simply purchase The Curse Of Monkey Island™ and we will include a free CD featuring full versions of The Secret of Monkey Island™ and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge™*

So whether you are simply looking to brush up on your pirating skills or discover a whole new world, join us for some serious monkeying around!

*Limited time offer,

Monkey Island 4 Box art Debut!

Download coming on 10/6/2000

Escape From Monkey Island
Price - $39.95 - Preorder Online

The Curse of Monkey Island
Price - $9.95 -
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Escape From Monkey Island

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